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Four simple steps to recycle our sustainable skincare

Recycling Your Wrinkles Schminkles
Eco Friendly Skincare with

At the very top of our To-Do List was finding a way to make our unique and ‘unrecyclable’ products and packaging zero waste. And after a few years of serious hustle – and refusing to accept ‘no’ from people who said it just wasn’t possible – we are proud to launch our Recycling Program with the good people at TerraCycle® - the global leader in innovative sustainability solutions – via their Zero Waste Box™ solution.

A Fully Sustainable Skincare Range

Now, everything we make (except for our sheet masks which are 100% biodegradable) can be oh-so-easily recycled and given a second life as raw materials used to create new products.

Be rewarded with

$10 off your next purchase

when you return your Wrinkles Schminkles patches, product or packaging for recycling.

We cover the costs of sending your used products and packaging to a TerraCycle® warehouse where it is sorted, cleaned and transformed into something new.

So, here’s how to get recycling



Collect a stash of your used Wrinkles Schminkles patches, cosmetics and packaging that are ready for recycling.



Include your order number, name and email inside your return envelope and use your preferred carrier to ship to:

Wrinkles Schminkles Recycling 223 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst
NSW 2010


Receive your $10 credit

Once we’ve received and processed your return, we will send you a $10 credit to the email address provided.

$10 credit



We then fund TerraCycle® to sort and recycle all product and packaging to transform into something new.

Now, Wrinkles Schminkles is not only the Pioneer of the Reusable Wrinkle Patch, we are also the pioneer of the world’s first Silicone Patch recycling program, leading the way with a reduced footprint.


Is Wrinkles Schminkles a sustainable skincare brand or a full zero waste skincare brand?

As of May 2023 Wrinkles Schminkles is proud to be ‘zero waste’. All of our products, packaging and components are fully recyclable except for our already biodegradable sheet masks!

Can Wrinkles Schminkles skincare bottles be recycled?

Yes, our recycling program with TerraCycle® enables our skincare bottles to be returned to us and then shipped to TerraCycle® to be sorted, cleaned and transformed at the TerraCycle® warehouses.

Why should I recycle using the Wrinkles Schminkles Recycling Program rather than use simple kerbside recycling?

Relying on kerbside yellow recycling bins are comically referred to as ‘wish-cycling’ as you toss things into this bin and hope for the best. The reality is unless you are using dedicated recycling programs, chances are your products are still ending up in landfill.

Why is recyclable cosmetic packaging hard to come by?

Recycling beauty and skincare products is far more complex than standard recycling due to small sizing issues (difficult to sort), mixed material composition, sprays and caps featuring springs, pumps or mechanisms and color treated plastic or glass.

What is the Wrinkles Schminkles range being recycled into?

Our zero waste skincare range including both the products and packaging are being recycled into items such as plastic planter pots, industrial drainage piping and plastic lumber (which can create picnic tables, chairs and garden beds).

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