Clean Beauty & Non Toxic Skincare

Our 100% Medical Grade Silicone Patches are made in the USA in an FDA registered facility under a GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practices) environment complying with the requirements of ISO (International Organisation for Standardization).

Clean on your skin

Our manufacturing practices meet the standards of both government (FDA) and independent body (ISO) standards and ensures complete trust and safety in what you are putting on your skin as well as confidence in our definition of our ‘clean beauty’ status
– despite it being a largely unregulated term.

What makes our patches ‘clean’ on your skin, is that they are deemed ‘non-transdermal’, meaning that nothing can impart the 100% Medical Grade Silicone Patch into your skin. Why? Because the molecular structure of the silicone is too big to scientifically penetrate the skins surface.

100% Medical Grade Silicone is hypoallergenic and has been used in the medical profession to successfully heal and treat scarring on the skin by Doctors, Dermatologists and Surgeons for many years with several independent studies and published papers evidencing the results*.

Wrinkles Schminkles took the same evidenced science and created a range to target lines, wrinkles, skin hydration and texture and proves* what we promise with an independent patch test** and a clinical study***.

Wrinkles Schminkles is scientifically proven and clinically tested.

*Berman et al Derm Surg 2007 & Mustoe 2008 JAPRS Role of Epidermis SGS
**Cantor Research Laboratories Inc, 50 Human Subjects 48 Hour Semi-Occlusive Patch Test
***Clinical study of 92 participants tested over a 4-week period, August 2019